Rocket X analog - what is the game and what are the alternatives

Rocket X is the glory game of 2023. An incredible and exclusive novelty of 2023, which attracts more and more users every day. The simple rules, exciting plot, and great payouts make launching this game simulator as profitable and exciting as possible.

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rocketx analog

  1. ⚡ Rocket X Description - What this game is all about
  2. 🔥 Features of Rocket X
  3. 🥇How to play Rocket X
  4. 🔷 Rocket X analog - basic nuances of the genre
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Analog Rocket X will help you relax from the exclusive offerings from 1Win Casino and enjoy similar slot machines. It is not difficult to choose such a machine if you have a clear vision of what your users will be dealing with.

rocket x

Rocket X Description - What this game is all about

Rocket X slot has an interesting plot, easy controls, and good payouts. Users here will be able to win 300 times more than the perfect deposits.

This emulator is crash. The project also has an interesting plot. The idea is that users go together with Elon Musk to conquer space. Here's the thing though - the rocket might explode at any moment. The player would fall, and Elon would fly backward, with all the money he had collected! After that, it is unlikely to be found.

Clients must leave the Rocket X in time to avoid getting caught with their noses in the air. It is possible to jump out of him at any time, but it must be remembered that the higher the player climbs, the higher the percentage of the payout. All in the hands of users and opportunities. Crash can happen at any time - a minimum of a few seconds after takeoff, and a minimum of a few minutes. Time to catch your luck!

💎 Name RocketX
🎯 Developer 1Play
🧨 Game Type Crash
⭐ Game Rating ★★★★★
⚡ Game Analogs Aviator, Aviatrix, JetX, Rocket Queen and others

rocket x features

Features of Rocket X

Rocket X is a popular slot game for a reason. This slot simulator pleases its visitors with its settings and features.

These include:

  1. The ability to run slots in demo mode. The disadvantage is that without registering, the test mode of the device will not work.
  2. Exclusivity. This device has been created by 1Play exclusively for the 1Win casino.
  3. Interesting plot. This also includes fun-looking characters and colorful animation. Rocket X is something that will remain in everyone's memory for a long time!
  4. Clear and simple controls. The bets are only a few clicks away, so you can place two bets at a time. This greatly increases your chances of getting a real jackpot.
  5. High returns. Online casinos will take only 3% of the jackpot because the RTP of the equipment is 97%.

Slot machines do not have any vendor (built-in) bonuses. Instead, customers will be able to use gifts within the 1Win Casino bonus program.

To simplify the game, two unique options are provided to users - "Automatic Withdrawal" and "Automatic Betting". The first option helps you "jump off" when certain parameters are reached. All that the user has to do is to set the required settings. The second option makes it as quick and easy as possible to gamble for money. After activating " auto-betting" it will automatically make bets on the parameters set by the client. The player's interference here is minimal. Rocket X guarantees that the experience is almost entirely automatic. It remains just to sit in front of the screen and watch as the deposit increases with every minute.

how to play rocket x

How to play Rocket X

Running the simulator in question is easy. For this, visitors need to:

  1. Discover the official site 1Win or its mirror image. Also available platform applications.
  2. Sign up on the portal and log in to your account. You can't use Rocket X even in demo mode unless you are logged in.
  3. Choose a version to run the game simulator. There is a toggle switch inside the game box for faster navigation and switching.
  4. Make bets using the two navigation blocks. Each of them is responsible for a separate bet. To increase the bet you need to click on the "+", to reduce it on the "-". A fixed beta is available for users within the framework. you can use the keyboard to enter an amount directly in the betting window.
  5. Alternatively, configure the "Automatic Bet" and "Automatic Withdrawal" options.
  6. Click the "Bet" button.

All that's left to do now is wait for Elon to go on a rocket to conquer Mars. His tour will begin - players just need to hop off the ship before it blows up.

rocket x analogs

Rocket X analog - basic nuances of the genre

Rocket X Analogue is essentially the same game but with a twist on the story. Game simulators are based on the principle of action, and the rules and regulations are analogous to the equipment in question.

Crash games - a real trend in the world of gambling. Their distinguishing features (and advantages) include:

In the considered simulator emulator at the same time, a lot of users play. In a special "Tournament" table you can look at in real-time who and how much he has won.

rocket x simulator

Simulator Rocket X - what to choose

Rocket X is an exceptional offer in the gaming world. It can be compared to the following simulators:

So as you can see, Rocket X has many counterparts. This is all just the beginning, as this game genre is actively developing. They appear more and more often in online casinos. Several of them do not support demo versions, so be careful!


1. Are there any games similar to Rocket X?
Yes. The game belongs to the "crash" genre and is gaining popularity. It has a lot of analogs with and without demo mode.
2. Can I play Rocket X for free?
Sure. This slot supports demo mode. It opens only after registration and logging in to your account in 1Win.
3. Can I play crash games only on 1Win?
No. This is one of the most widespread types found in modern online simulators. You can find them at most online casinos.
4. Why choose Rocket X?
This is a unique gambling simulator with an exciting storyline and high-quality graphics. It has a multiplier of up to x300 and an RTP of 97%.