Rocket X bonuses: types and getting

Rocket X offers all the players the to plunge into an incredible world of space, money rivers, and adventure. It is not for nothing that this virtual device is recognized as one of the best devices of 2023. This exclusive offer from 1Play is specifically for 1Win Casino.

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rocket x bonuses

  1. ⚑ Rocket X - built-in rewards and storyline
  2. 🎁 Rocket X Bonus Promo Codes
  3. πŸ”” How to use a regular Rocket X promo code
  4. ⭐ Register a promo code for Rocket X
  5. πŸ”Ά Features of the Rocket X bonus program
  6. ✨ Rocket X Voucher

Rocket X Bonus is an option to get the most out of the game. They are presented with a lot of extra options and gifts, so bets become even more interesting and big. Now it is even easier than ever to crash the pot and get rich!

rocket x plot

Rocket X - built-in rewards and storyline

Rocket X is a popular online game that draws thousands of players from around the world daily. This exclusive 1Win product has simple rules and great parameters, so even new players can hit the jackpot!

The genre of the machine is crash. Take the user on an unforgettable journey into space, bringing along a massive rocket. Elon Musk himself has decided to escort the player, who has resolved by all means to conquer Mars and build a colony on it. Three, two, one - fly! But first, you have to bet - flying somewhere without money is a bad idea!

Be careful! Space is not a toy! Failures can happen at any time! The rocket will explode, sending Elon and the gathered goodies far away. Avoid this easily: you just need to jump off of the plane in time to get some of your winnings. The higher the user takes off with the mask, the bigger the final win!

There's only one problem - it's not possible to guess when the crash will happen. Occasionally the rocket crashes soon after leaving Earth, and in some cases reaches Mars itself, giving the player a multiplier of up to x300. It is all in the hands of each slot machine visitor. It's time to try to catch your luck by the tail!

Rocket X has no built-in bonuses. This game simulator has easy rules that even children can handle. Many additional providers (built-in by default) bonuses here will not be useful.

Initially, players can count on:

While Rocket X doesn't have a rich set of built-in bonus features, you can still earn extra gifts right inside the device. Also in a wide variety of ways - at the sole discretion and discretion of each player.

βœ… Name RocketX
πŸ’Ž Game Type Crash
πŸ’  Automatic Bets Yes
⚑ Double Bets Yes
⭐ Game Bonuses From the online casino
🎁 Bonus Activation Using promo codes
🎁 Bonus Type Free credits, percentage on deposit

rocket x bonus

Rocket X Bonus Promo Codes

Rocket X's first bonus is a promotional code. It can only be obtained by users registered on 1Win. It is divided into several types:

Different types of promo codes are used in different ways. Awards for such gifts are credited to the 1Win Casino bonus account. This is the opportunity to bet more often with actual money in popular game simulators.

At Rocket X all bonuses are valid only in the paid mode. The demo version of the slot machine does not allow you to use gifts from 1Win management in any circumstances.

rocket x promo code

How to use a regular Rocket X promo code

To use a Rocket X promo code you will need to:

  1. Open the official site, mirror, or app of 1Win.
  2. Register on the corresponding Virtual Portal for entertaining gambling games.
  3. Verify the current promo code. Save, remember, or write in a notebook.
  4. Open your cabinet and click on "Promo Code". This is indicated by a "+" sign.
  5. In the box that appears, enter the previously recorded combination and click "Activate".

So you apply a regular or personal promo code. After completing the described algorithm, the Online Casino will accrue the desired reward to the visitor. This can be fixed or optional. It is free spins or a bonus of USD.

Certain promo codes require the fulfillment of additional conditions to receive a bonus. The most common situation is to make a deposit. Bonus accrual is triggered if a bonus code is activated when funds are deposited to the balance of your 1Win account. Deposits become more profitable and more fun.

rocket x promocode

Register a promo code for Rocket X

Users will be able to earn rewards for this hit game by participating in the official 1Win Casino rewards program. It supports the use of registration promo codes. Those unique combinations are distributed on the official page of the project, as well as on a special website. Sometimes they are issued to novice gamblers for participation in various raffles and events that do not require registration in 1Win in advance.

You can use a Rocket X registration promo code by following the instructions below:

  1. Open the page of the official 1Win website. Allows you to use branded mobile apps or site mirroring.
  2. Click the "Sign Up" button. It's in the upper right corner. May have a "Complete Registration" checkbox.
  3. Fill out the electronic form, and provide the player's phone number (cell phone), the future password for authorization, and your email address.
  4. Choose a currency. This section is for online casino payment methods. It is recommended to choose "USD".
  5. Click on the line "Apply promo code". The spreadsheet will open an additional window. There, you need to enter the bonus code for registration.
  6. Click the "Register" button.
  7. Click to activate the account. This link is sent to the user through the contact previously listed in the spreadsheet. If the email does not appear in your Inbox, it's time to check your spam box. The activation link is usually sent to the customer within 10 minutes of completing the registration.

If the customer activates the no-deposit deposit bonus for registration, they will immediately receive a bonus on their bonus account. Else, you will have to deposit the sum set in the selected promotion.

rocket x bonus features

Features of the Rocket X bonus program

The bonus scheme of the slot machine in question is the 1Win bonus system. It mainly involves promo codes and personal gifts. Most gifts are deposited directly on the customer's deposit. Sometimes as part of the bonus system, customers can count on free bets.

These are some things you should keep in mind while using promo codes:

  1. There is a certain validity period for each bonus code. Within a specified period, the user must activate it.
  2. Each promo code can only be used once. An error message will appear on the screen if you try to activate it again.
  3. Registration promo codes can only be used when creating an account, and general and individual promo codes can be used right after logging in to your account.
  4. Gifts accrued through promo codes and other bonuses at online casinos require customers to wager. Conditions, terms, and rates need to be clarified individually for each promotion.
  5. Some bonuses have no deposit - on them, Rocket X gifts are accumulated immediately after receiving. There are deposit bonuses. They will be credited only after recharging the balance of the gaming account for the amount set by the promotion.

Keeping all these rules in mind, users will be able to earn bonuses on their respective slot games and bet more frequently on real money.

Rocket X Voucher

The latest 1Win bonus is the Rocket X voucher. This unique bonus codes for a set of denominations. The size of the gift from the gaming club administration is determined individually for each voucher. This is the rarest kind of reward in virtual game simulators.

Users can find Rocket X coupon codes only on the official page of the device.


1. How do I use automatic bets in RocketX?
To have the computer assign bets and output winnings on its own, switch to the "Auto" option. Specify the bet amount you are willing to spend in a round and the odds at which you want to exit the game.
2. What is the advantage of double bets?
Users who use two bets at once in a round can get more winnings. This bonus option is also handy for insuring a risky bet. It can also be useful in implementing different strategies.
3. Is it possible to get a bonus for playing at RocketX?
Yes, crash game bonuses can usually be obtained by using a promo code. You will be able to use the coupon during registration at the casino or after logging in to your personal account.
4. Where can I find an up-to-date promo code for RocketX?
The best way is to subscribe to the communities in social networks of the crash game itself and online casino. Information about promotions is also regularly published on thematic sites with RocketX reviews.